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DISCOVERY of the albatre coast , between Dieppe and Eu, le Tréport More details on the

Manor of GraincourtCome discover Derchigny and its clean streets. A charming little flowered village. A great place to enjoy walking tracks, passing in front of some very typical houses and 2 castles.. Situated on an archaeological site, le Manoir de Graincourt, built in the 18th and 19th centuries will seduce you with its typically anglo-norman style.

Next to the St. Valery Church, built in the 11th Century and refurbished in the 16th, open to the public everyday , the Manor of Graincourt , nesting in the middle of nature is a veritable haven of peace and tranquillity.

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Situated 9 km to the North of Dieppe, the beautifully village kept of Derchigny-Graincourt encloses a treasure of architecture in a plush, flowering rural setting.

You can see a country environment with farms and animals, but also beautiful properties, pleasant playground , walks with all round interests, beautiful views. Near the little church built in the XI th century, is a true oasis of peace and tranquillity for his inhabitants.

In one of the castles in the village, at the end of the 19th Century, Auguste Renoir (see chapter In the footsteps of the impressionists") used to spend his holidays at the house of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Berard, and produced several works which can be seen today in museums worldwide: Dieppe, Paris, Sao Paulo, New York, etc.

You can see the Chateau de Derchigny ; the proprietor of which, Gabriel de Clieu, was the first coffee planter in Martinique in the 18th Century.

Leaving from the Manor, there are many different round tours for visiting the area ( cliffs, coastline, forests, gardens, aso.) by foot., even reach the sandy beach of Berneval , 4 km away.


Main Towns to discover near the Manor

  • DIEPPE : a lovely Town built in 1066 after the conquest of England.By walking through Dieppe, you will learn about the city's incredible story. Previously bathing town (enjoy the new thalasso), its archways were built as the famous Place des Vosges in Paris. Huge lawns along the seaside, fish restaurants, harbour, ferry to Newhaven and Dover.
  • VARENGEVILLE : known for its church and stained glass of G. Braque, its gardens, le Manoir Ango...
  • VEULES LES ROSES : nice cosy village with the shortest river of France
  • EU : town from the end of the French Royal Estate, beautiful XVI château, Birthplace of the 'Orléans family (
  • Le TREPORT : all year round fishing port, renowned for its seafood restaurants, by the foot of the highest chalk cliffs in Europe.
  • MERS LES BAINS : in Somme (region of Picardy) but also next to the TREPORT and EU in Seine maritime (region of Normandy): superb villas dating from the 30's, really worth a visit.
  • ROUEN : historic capital of Normandy.Typical countryside, typical Cauchoises farms and fenced fields, polychrome architecture. Parks and Gardens to visit.

Remarkable beechtrees'alley, forming natural cathedral, can be admired just back the manor. We're renting bikes for the one's wanting to explore further.

  Along the countryside

  "Le Parc William Farcy" in Offranville

  "Le Parc du château de Miromesnil" in Tourville-sur-Arques

  "Le Jardin d'Annabelle" in Beauval-en-Caux

  "Le jardin des sources" in St Martin le gaillard

By the seaside :

"Le Bois des Moutiers et Shamrock" in Varengeville


  • Museum du Talou : ST MARTIN EN CAMPAGNE : about traditions in normandy 
  • The Castle museum in DIEPPE (ivory collection) and the Castle museum in EU (entente cordiale )
  • GLAS valley LA BRESLE : 80% of perfume production takes place in the Bresle valley.
  • Glass Museums at Eu and Blangy-sur-Bresle.
  • Musée J.-E. BLANCHE d'Offranville.
  • Clock and watch museum in Saint Nicolas d'Aliermont
  • Museum of the impressionist J.-E. BLANCHE in Offranville.

[For more tourist information : Comité Régional de Tourisme de Normandie - Office de Tourisme de Dieppe - le site de la ville de Dieppe - le site de la ville de Eu]

In the footsteps of the ImpressionnistsAuguste Renoir, famour painter from impressionnisme period, spent his summers at Wargemon Castle during 20 years, in Derchigny. You can see the castle from outside, and let your imagination bring you back at the time when A Renoir was working at this paintings.

The soft, charming light of the Normandy coastal countryside, its villages and its towns lends this province the perfect ambiance for painting.

With its typical Normandy country houses and its countryside walks, Normandy exudes an impressionist atmosphere. Upper Normandy, under a lead sky, can also portray another, more sombre and pensive aspect. The Normandy colours come direct from the palette of the Impressionists: foggy greens of the morning fields, creamy whites of the cliffs and golden halos of the autumnal dawn…

Auguste Renoir painted Dieppe, Pourville, Berneval's beach, countryside around Derchigny, Wargemont's rose gardens. On saturdays, he was going to the market in Dieppe with the bus. Follow his steps and enjoy our beautiful market. Huge and well supplied, the market attracts many tourists and many people from the area.Celebrated impressionist painters, produced some of their finest works here.

Let us mention, first and foremost, Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919). He was a close  friend of Paul Berard, diplomat, banker and proprietor of the Chateau de Wargemont,  who had noticed him several years previously and he worked frequently on the estate from  1883 to 1886. He finished portraits of his hosts and several pieces featuring the local  landscape of Derchigny-Graincourt.


Monet, Pissaro, Sisley, Whistler, or Boudin often spent time in the region which was one of the most represented places in 19th Century painting.

James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834–1903) - Variations en violet et gris - Place du marché, Dieppe Around Dieppe

1882- Claude Monet came to Dieppe. He painted a series of landscapes including "La Falaise  de Dieppe", similar to a painting by Delacroix.
1897- Claude Monet stayed in the region. Cliffs near Dieppe,
1902- Pissaro came and painted, staying at the Hotel du Commerce, under the arcades of  the Poissonerie.

 Chateau de Wargemont, Derchigny-GraincourtMonet, Pissarro, Sisley, Whistler ou Boudin, J E Blanche, all this famous painters came on our coasts, as you can notice regarding the numerous paintings around the world. Some of them can be seen at Dieppe's museum. Here, at the manor, you'll enjoy the beautiful lights and surrounding that helps painters with their magic.
 1883 to 1886- Renoir resided at the Chateau. Here, he  produced portraits of the Berard family, including:

 1879- Portraits of Therese and Margot Berard
 1880- Portrait of Paul Berard and View of the Coast near  Wargemont.
 1884- The Berard Children

Autour de Pourville :
1880- Monet painted several works ( his wife died the previous year).
1882From February to March, Monet visited and stayed at the Lodge at "Renomee de la  Galette", and over a period of 7 weeks he painted the sea at Pourville & Varengeville  (including "A walk on the cliff at Pourville). In the Summer, all the family stayed at the Villa Juliette, here Claude Monet painted the portraits of Mr. & Mrs. Paul, the bakers of Pourville, in exchange for numerous succulent  cakes for his children, and a portrait of Alice Hoschedee.Monet - Promenade à Pourville

1896- Monet spent Winter: a dozen paintings are devoted to the "Maison du Douanier"  (Customs House).

1899- The Normandy Coast which Camille Pissaro barely frequented at the time his  colleagues worked in the area, finally comes to appreciate the area.

[sources : Comité Départemental de Tourisme de Seine-Maritime - A la rencontre de Pierre-Auguste Renoir - The Metropolitan Museum of Art, à New-York]

For an escape, a week end, a birthday, or holidays in Normandy , in seine-maritime,(76), come and reserve one of our 5 refined guestrooms or the gite in the former stables , with great comfort, in Derchigny-Graincourt, at the manoir de graincourt, between Dieppe and Eu, le treport, near the ferry to newhaven and brighton. You will visit a village with a lot of nice houses, smothered in hydrangeas , Derchigny- graincourt , next to the sea and the cliffs, and you will appreciate all the activities of the regional tourist board in Normandy, as walks, golf, horse or sailing, or thalassotherapy. Fulfil your dreams and spend a week end, or holidays in our guestroom or self catering apartment, in a cosy corner of countryside. Unless you prefer a seminar room for your professional or family gatherings, receptions. Manoir de graincourt is also a forested park, a library room with open hearth, game rooms for children, cookery lessons, a closes parking, a free access to internet, a family room, guesttable and warm welcome